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As a cofounder of Zero Kitchens I thought I was doing my bit for climate change.  News of climate change was all around me. Either from children joining protests spurned on by the inspirational Greta Thunberg. Or friends holidaying in Europe this summer...

our sustainable practices

We have dedicated years of research into ensuring that the kitchens we build are genuinely 100% sustainable.


  • Zero trees are felled in the creation of our kitchens
  • No harmful pollutants are used at any stage of our kitchen creation
  • All of our furniture is made from recycled materials
  • ECOBoard is the chief component in most of our furniture
  • Our worktops are made of recycled glass, paper and plastic
  • All lighting used is incredibly energy efficient
  • Zero VOC’s are used in the paints that we use
  • All wirework is sustainably sourced and can be recycled

Thanks to Zero we now live in this space so it’s so much more than a kitchen and the transformation is quite incredible. Our favourite room in the house for the family to enjoy and hold parties with our friends.

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