Zero’s ethos is to grow and promote a sustainable culture. Our aim is to safeguard long term benefits for our surrounding environment and climate.
Zero came about after helping our kids out with school eco projects. Their research led them to plenty of green building products for construction of new homes, but nothing eco to furnish them inside with.
This, coupled with an ever growing demand for sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, led us to look at how this balance could be addressed.
With the combination of new eco products available and 20 years experience in the kitchen industry we have successfully created the solution.
An eco-friendly Zero kitchen goes a long way to fulfilling your sustainable goals:
● Help green light housing development applications
● A strong attribute towards the Unitary Development Plans of local councils
● A key element of planning Building Energy Statements
● Helping meet requirements set out in various park or large landowners Management Plans
Zero is your totally sustainable kitchen solution.